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"After deciding to become a freelance translator, I have never looked back.." - Tess Whitty


Freelance English-Swedish translator since 2003

Despite having a marketing degree and a Masters in Business Communication, Tess doesn’t like the traditional delivery of fluffy, vague soundbites.
She prefers direct, easy-to-implement advice.
This website is a hub for these actionable tips!
It’s based on the award-winning podcast of the same name, which focuses on interviews with successful freelance translators who have the results to prove that their marketing magic works.


Being a Freelance Translator is hard

You’re up against the big fish of the corporate world, and it’s easy to become a faceless (and nameless – ever get those emails?) number on a PM’s task list.

You can change that.

Ask the 4,000+ subscribers & listeners to Tess’s podcast, or the hundreds of freelance linguists who voted for Tess in the Proz Community Choice Awards over the past 4 years for her work as a trainer, speaker, and podcasting pro.


Marketing Tips for Translators Podcast

Best Translation Related Podcast 2014-2017 by PROZ.com Community Choice Awards

Marketing Tips for Translators is the podcast where freelance translators (and interpreters) find tips from fellow translators and other experts on how to grow and thrive in their freelance business.

The podcast has won the Proz.com Community Choice Award for 2014 - 2017 and has over 150,000 downloads since the debut in January 2014.

  • “The contents and materials of the course were extremely helpful and organized. The instructor created a marketing plan template and walked the audience through each field outlined in the template. I am extremely satisfied!”
  • “Tess was very well-structured and followed through step by step. She was able to answer most questions and did not even try to pretend she could answer those that she couldn’t. Not one minute of the webinar was wasted on guesswork. Excellent work, thank you!”
  • “Tess was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous! She explained each slide in as much thorough details as possible. Also, her presentation was very organized and easy to follow. Finally, at the end, she took time to answer every question from the audience and provided as much detail as possible in her answers. Super!!!”