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March 5, 2018
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Episode 162: Top Tips from First Two Years as a Freelance Translator – Interview with Meghan McCallum

Some of you are newer to this profession, and this episode is perfect for you, but even if you are an experienced translator, you will get valuable tips on productivity and organization. In this episode I interview Meghan McCallum about her first two years as a freelance translator and her top tips from her experience. She is also a former project manager and can give you tips based on what project managers appreciate.

Important things mentioned in this episode:

  • Essential investments when first starting out as a freelance translator
  • How to stay organized and productive
  • How to make sure we get paid for our hard work, on a regular basis
  • How to find and keep our hard earned clients

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

This episode contained simple but effective strategies we freelance translators can implement into our routines to ensure long-term success, organization, essential investments, productivity, making the most of non-billable time and much more. Even if I have worked as a freelance translator for a long time, I got some valuable tips on folder structure and organization.



Meghan McCallum is an ATA-certified French>English freelance translator specializing in corporate communications, human resources, marketing and financial documents. She has an MA in language, literature, and translation (concentration in French>English translation) from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Before going freelance, she worked in-house for several years at a global language services provider, serving as a project manager and quality manager. She is the coordinator of ATA’s School Outreach Program. Website: www.fr-en.com. Twitter: @meghan_transl8


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