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April 9, 2018
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April 23, 2018

Episode 166: Charge Based on Value, Not on Price – Interview with Vanessa Ugatti

Fear dominates the world of freelance translation. There’s always someone willing to do it cheaper. How do we step away from this? In this episode we’re talking about how to charge based on our value, not on price. I’m interviewing Vanessa Ugatti, coach, motivational speaker and author of the Amazon best seller – True Worth. If you’ve ever thought: They’ll think it’s too expensive, they’ll say no or I’ll lose the client, this episode is for you.

Important things covered in this episode:

  • 5 steps or questions that can help us get over our negative beliefs about charging more.

Important links for this episode:

We need to take ourselves and our business seriously. We need to charge what we are worth and focus on working with our ideal clients. Why? We’ll be happier in our business, we’ll increase our revenue, and have more time for other things in life. It’s all about cultivating the right mindset. I encourage you to check out her free e-book and the article on Karen Rueckert’s website. Lastly, get the help you need to grow your business and mindset, you’re worth the investment.

Here’s a testimonial from Karen that I want to share:

“Vanessa has coached me not only to see but also to believe in my own true worth and the value I provide to my clients. Consequently, I am now able to consistently charge what I’m worth and only work with my ideal clients. Result: increased revenue, more quality time to spend with my family and an increased level of well-being. Vanessa is an amazing coach; she has quite literally helped me transform my life.”


Meet Vanessa Ugatti: Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Amazon Best Seller, True Worth: How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It. Using her own unique formula, she dramatically shifts people’s thinking, enabling them to generate more revenue, without having to get more clients, do more work or compromise value or values! Result: more money, more time and more freedom.

This unique ability, to bring out the best in people, has evolved for her over many years of facing similar challenges, even questioning her own value in business. For a free consultation call 01202 743961 or 07957 672335 or email: vanessa@thetrueworthexpert.com, website: www.thetrueworthexpert.com


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