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April 30, 2018
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May 14, 2018

Episode 168: Working with Direct Clients in the Medical Field – Interview with Sarah Henter

direct clients in the medical field

In this episode I am responding to one of your requests. You wanted to know more about working with direct clients in the medical field. Many freelance translators specialize in medical translations and work for agencies. They want to know how to find direct clients in this industry. I was recommended to contact Sarah Henter about this subject. She is working with direct clients in the medical field and had a very strategic way of going about it.

Important things mentioned in this episode:

  • Sarah’s process going from translating for agencies to translating for direct clients
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • How to get in front of direct clients in the medical field

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

Sarah gave us some great tips. I love how strategic she is about it, setting goals, breaking them down and working hard to achieve them. I think other freelance translators will be inspired to go out and find more direct clients in their area of specialization after this. There will always be a demand for translations of clinical trials and medical documentation, so it’s a good area to specialize in.


Sarah Henter is originally from Germany, where she has studied Spanish, German and Italian Linguistics. She holds Master’s degrees in Advanced Linguistic, Legal and Administrative Translation, and Digital Marketing and Social Media. She also is a certified medical writer.

She has held talks at different conferences on the Education of Professional Translators and Linguistic Work on Clinical Trials.

Her linguistic work mainly focuses on subjects related to marketing and clinical trials, and she has worked on projects for 17 of the 25 most important pharmaceutical enterprises currently operating.

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