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Episode 172: An Amazingly Fast and Almost Free Way to Specialize – Interview with Andriy Yasharov
June 11, 2018
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June 25, 2018

Episode 173: Writing a Magnetic About Page – Interview with Jo Rourke

about page

You know how important a good website is for every freelance translator. I have given trainings on how to create your website, and I also have a quick start guide about it. I’ll link to it in the show notes. Now, apart from the home page, do you know what the second most read or clicked page is? A page that every website should have? It is the about page. Once someone lands on your website and sees that it is a relevant one, that you provide the services they are looking for, they are going to click on the about page to find out more. In this episode we talk about how to write your about page to attract clients.

Important things mentioned in this episode:

  • The most important thing with an about page
  • A great tip on how to show your value
  • What the about page should and should not contain
  • Five steps for writing a great about page

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

Writing about ourselves can be daunting. Flipping the meaning of the page and making it more about our ideal clients is so much easier. I hope this has opened the eyes for many fellow translators on the importance of an about page, and how to write it to attract clients. But more importantly, has made you comfortable creating one.


Jo Rourke is a translator and writer, specialising in marketing texts. Jo is based in Northern Ireland, where she lives with her husband Martyn, and their three children: Claudia, Gabriel and Wynona. You can link up with her on Instagram here:



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