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June 25, 2018
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Episode 174: Changing the Public Perception of Translation – Interview with Tatjana Radmilo

perception of translation

We all know what people think of translation, especially those who do not know much about it. The profession of a translator is often perceived as something that can be done by anybody in their free time. However, the only people qualified to change this perception and raise awareness is us. In this episode I interview Tatjana Radmilo, who together with her colleagues has changed the perception of the profession in Croatia. She gives us great tips on what we can do too.

Important things mentioned in this episode:

  • Some fun ways we can work with the public to change the perception of translation and interpretation as a profession
  • What resources we have to change the perception
  • Case studies from Croatia

Useful links mentioned in this episode:

These were some great ideas on how to change the public perception of translation, and educate the public in a fun way. ATA is also working on changing the perception of translation and are getting well-known publicity in the press about it. Let’s not forget the individual. Each one of us can work on educating the public about translation, and little by little we can change the perception.


I am a freelance conference interpreter and translator, columnist and author. I’m a member of STIP – Association of Translators and Court Interpreters and a board member of Translators’ Association at Croatian Chamber of Economy. I specialize in legal translation, shipbuilding, sport, marketing, civil sector, but my true love is literary translation. My working languages are Croatian, Russian and English. After teaching English and Russian for 15 years and translating in parallel, I decided to quit my job at a state school and turn to translation. And I never regretted it. During networking with colleagues and working actively in professional associations, the same problem issues would crop up again and again until I decided to do something about it. I have been abundantly rewarded for taking action and am looking forward to tell the story about how I did it.

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