I believe that every freelancer has the potential to exceed their own expectations.

Whatever their own personal measure of success looks like, I feel there’s a marketing approach to suit it.

That’s because after deciding to become a freelance translator, I have never looked back.

I have worked as a freelance English-Swedish translator since 2003. After moving from Sweden to the US in 2001, I embarked on my career as a translator to get my own personal holy grail of availability for my family, job satisfaction and success.

In the 17 intervening years, I’ve learnt a lot. There’s no doubt that my professional qualifications and experience in marketing helped me along the way. This website and podcast are a way for me to share my expertise in the hope that you’ll find your own holy grail.

The Tess behind the scenes

What you see is what you get with me. I am as enthusiastic, helpful and energetic in person as I am on my podcast or at the many training sessions and presentations I give.

Because I genuinely love to help.

I’ve been honoured to have won multiple Proz Community Choice Awards over the past 4 years, for my work as a trainer, a speaker and a podcasting pro. These awards have been wonderful, but it’s the emails, messages and warm hugs I get from fellow translators who tell me about their successes which give me the warm and fuzzies and the desire to keep on keeping on.

How the website works

The focus of this website is the podcast, where I share my marketing and business tips with you. Each episode will have show notes, giving a summary of the podcast, as well as important links for quick and easy access to the resources mentioned.

The blog supplements the podcast with even more in-depth marketing advice and step-by-step instructions and tools.

The resource page was built with freelance translators in mind. This is where you can find descriptions and links to the products and resources mentioned in the podcast, or ones that I personally use and recommend.

I love getting to know my readers and listeners, so please do get in touch if you have any questions on marketing for translators, a suggestion for a podcast topic, or if you have any marketing tips of your own to share.

Another good tip is to subscribe to my newsletter and blog so you don’t miss anything.

You won’t be bombarded with emails, the subscription is simply a way to share my top tips and tools, and create a community of freelance translators who value marketing as one of their favourite magic tricks.


I’ve studied six languages

Hiking, skiing, biking and doing yoga in a hot room are my favourite ways to burn off excess energy (I have a lot, so I usually need to do this daily!)

I’m a Mom to 2 teenagers, 1 dog and 1 cat

After 25 years I am still very much in love with my husband, Kevin, he’s my best friend, and my rock.

Proz Community Choice Award: Website: Best overall professional translator's website. 2017

Proz Community Choice Award: Trainer: Active trainer in in-person or online training. 2017

Proz Community Choice Award: Conference speaker: Based on lectures/sessions given at events from January 2016 to date.

Proz Community Choice Award: Podcast: Best podcast (series or single podcast) from January 2014-2017

Master’s degree in International Marketing

MA in Business Communication and PR