Audio-course with bite-sized marketing tips


18 lesson Audio Course with bite-sized tips to grow your freelance translation business and reach your ideal clients.


This course has been created for busy freelance translators who want an easy and quick way to learn more marketing tips and strategies in order to grow their business, target their ideal clients, and achieve more motivation in their work.


This Course Includes:

  • 1½ hours of high-quality audio
  • 18 Audio Lessons

Course Structure:

  • Analyzing current situation and creating a business foundation
  • Creating SMART Business Goals
  • Analyzing your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Resumes or brochures
  • Written proposals (cover letter)
  • Websites for freelance translators
  • Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool
  • Using Twitter as a marketing tool
  • Blogging as a marketing tool
  • Networking for freelancers
  • Using referrals and testimonials
  • Publicity as a marketing tool
  • Pricing strategies for freelancers
  • Marketing to translation companies
  • Marketing to direct clients
  • Managing feast and famine cycles
  • Customer care and loyalty


Who am I?

Tess Whitty has been a successful freelance translator and entrepreneur for over 10 years and owns the company Swedish Translation Services. Her educational and professional background is in marketing and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other freelancers in the form of presentations, training, mentoring and consulting. She is also the author of the book “Marketing Cookbook for Translators”, with easy to follow “recipes” for marketing your translation services and achieving a successful freelance lifestyle, and award-winning podcast “Marketing Tips for Translators”. For more information, and to connect, go to


Advanced praise:

Thank you so much for doing this series, Tess. The insights you share are invaluable. – Åsa Andersson

Thank you, Tess, it seems so simple by listening to your advice. – Silvia di Profio

This is a great audio, Tess Whitty, thank you, brilliant for refocusing – Adriana Tortoriello

Thanks very much Tess, great audio and excellent questions! – Paul Urwin