I often get asked “What’s the hardest bit of marketing?” My answer is always the same:


That’s it. That is the single toughest piece of the puzzle.


Because at the beginning of your marketing journey (even if you’re a seasoned translation pro), it seems impossible to know where to start.

It’s overwhelming.


And enough to make you think, “It’s okay, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. I only need one big client and it’ll be fine.”

Except it won’t. Because what happens when that job finishes? You’re back to square one.

Or you could do things differently.

With my help, you can build a strategy to ensure that feast or famine is not part of your freelancing menu.

Of course, there are as many different types of freelance translators as there are clients. Your budget, needs and goals are different from your colleagues, so I’ve got various options depending on where you are right now.

Self-study selection

Whether it’s time constraints or budget juggling, sometimes self-study is the only viable option for you. Below you’ll see several options for reading and solo study. Everything is geared towards providing you with actionable, easy-to-implement tips, to overcome the overwhelm and move towards your goals.

All of my courses and ebooks are translator tested and approved!

Here’s a selection of their comments on the self-study selection:

“A must-read reference for freelance translators. Tess Whitty provides all the tips, shortcuts, and things to implement in order to have a thriving freelance translation career.” - Sebastien Richard

“A very practical book for translators who want to improve marketing tips.” - Maria Cristina Campo

“Marketing tips for translators” discusses all the issues freelance translators need to think about from starting a translation business and finding clients to maintaining your skills and preparing for the future. It is well-organized and divided into topics, making specific information easy to find. Tess Whitty and her guests clearly know what they are talking about. “Marketing tips for translators” should be considered essential reading whatever stage you are at. “ - Louise Souter

Let the clients come to you – inbound marketing for freelance translators
In Person WorkshopsPrice
Create focus and simplify your marketing efforts with a marketing plan for your freelance businessClick here for the Abstract
Click here for the Abscract
The price is right – pricing and negotiation strategies for your translation servicesClick here for the Abstract
The minimalist guide to social media for translatorsClick here for the Abstract
Your freelance translation career – 10 steps to go from generic to exclusive or from struggling to thrivingClick here for the Abstract
Future proofing your translation business – strategies for a long lasting, thriving career as a freelance translatorClick here for the Abstract
Creating and optimizing a website for your translation businessClick here for the Abstract

In-Person Workshops

I love getting out and meeting translators – there’s something about the dynamic of being in the room, the immediate feedback and the ideas that bounce around in the Q&A sessions. I’m proud that participants enjoy the workshops as much as I do:

“The contents and materials of the course very extremely helpful and organized. The instructor created a marketing plan template and walked the audience through each field outlined in the template. I am extremely satisfied!” - Workshop Attendee

“Tess was very well-structured and followed through step by step. She was able to answer most questions and did not even try to pretend she could answer those that she couldn’t. Not one minute of the webinar was wasted on guesswork. Excellent work, thank you!” - Workshop Attendee

“Tess was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous! She explained each slide in as much thorough details as possible. Also, her presentation was very organized and easy to follow. Finally, at the end, she took time to answer every question from the audience and provided as much detail as possible in her answers. Super!!!” - Workshop Attendee


Sometimes, you need to go deeper. My mastermind sessions are for translators who are on their way to achieving their goals, but want to take it to the next level. Maybe you’ve reached a plateau on your income? Or perhaps you want to brainstorm business expansion options with likeminded individuals, without any judgment from colleagues on your version of success.

My exclusive mastermind group could be the answer.

Group consultancy sessions for translators who are serious about achieving their goals. Get in touch for more info