The ultimate collection of tips from the Marketing Tips for Translators podcast


Wonder how other freelance translators market their businesses?

Effective marketing – of yourself, of your business – can help you reach the next level of success. The ideas and tools explored in this book have produced positive results for translators at every stage in the game and they will for you too.

About the book

Each section of this book is adapted from a podcast interview with an established translator or other professional. I started my website and podcast Marketing Tips for Translators to connect with and share information the international translation community. We have many issues and concerns in common and the podcast is a meeting ground of sorts for those of us who spend a lot of time alone working on documents.


The chapters in this book will help you discover the inspiration you need to market your translation services in an efficient way, as well as fresh ideas about productivity and tools for organizing your time and workday. We’ll also cover proven methods and systems for marketing to your ideal potential clients, and strategies for maintaining a continuous marketing plan for finding new clients, keeping your existing clients, and getting the word out about your translation services. We’ll show you how to get clients to find you, instead of you trying to find them.


About the Author



Tess uses simple but powerful language to explain her experience and other translators' experience, so that anyone understands and, most importantly, implements her tips. She provides information about what to do, but also how to do it, without forgetting why we are supposed to do it. The best about this book is that it can be used equally by newcomers and by experienced translators in very different stages of their careers, as it is focused in different marketing strategies depending on one’s needs. This is a must-read for translators wanting to boost in their careers. - Margarita Arizmendi

If I were to choose a single word to describe Tess Whitty's latest book I would opt for “comprehensive”. I used the word “comprehensive” because it goes beyond covering, for example, how to write a good CV and how to avoid CVs scams, or how to calculate your rates, to also cover how to avoid procrastination and implement an effective time management strategy, how to juggle work and personal life and so on. I would definitely recommend this book if you are a freelance translator wanting to make the most out of every single day of your professional life. – Francesca Calabrò

The book is full of excellent advice from Tess and other experienced translators. Whether you are a newbie or are a seasoned professional, you’ll certainly find a piece of advice to help you further develop your business. I found the ‘Getting clients’ chapter extremely useful. Remembering that ‘you are in charge’ of the relationship with clients is essential. It takes a lot of courage (especially if you were previously an employee) to set yourself up as an equal, but many good things can come out of it. I would highly recommend the book to any language professionals looking for guidance and/or to spruce up their career. – Ramona Amuza

Tess Whitty’s new book compiles conversations she has had with colleagues all over the world as part of her “Marketing Tips for Translators” podcast. It is more than interviews, each section in the seven chapters feels like a conversation, as if she, her guest and the reader were sitting in a cozy living room, perhaps by the fire and with a cup of hot chocolate, chatting about this delightful profession we share. Having read the Marketing Cookbook for Translators, I thought I knew all I needed, but this new book has plenty of new information and reinforces some lessons from the past. Looking forward to the next one! – Christian Nielsen-Palacios

“Marketing tips for translators” discusses all the issues freelance translators need to think about from starting a translation business and finding clients to maintaining your skills and preparing for the future. It is well-organized and divided into topics, making specific information easy to find. Tess Whitty and her guests clearly know what they are talking about. “Marketing tips for translators” should be considered essential reading whatever stage you are at. – Louise Souter

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