Reviews of Marketing Cookbook for Translators

“The biggest reason why freelancers in all professions — and at all experience levels — fail to build a thriving business is a lack of smart and consistent self-marketing. No other factor comes remotely close. Unfortunately, many solos aren’t sure where to start their marketing efforts. They’re confused and overwhelmed with all the options. Or they market only when they need work. In this book, Tess Whitty has done an excellent job of simplifying the self-marketing process. She makes it understandable and “doable.” The cookbook metaphor is very effective because smart self-marketing is a creative process involving many different potential tactics and strategies. The ideas she puts forth are proven and very effective. And she teaches you how to make the best marketing decisions for your specific situation. I also liked her modular approach to teaching these ideas. It makes it easier to solve specific self-marketing challenges as you come across them. All in all, this is an excellent guide. I highly recommend it to any freelance translator who wants to build a thriving solo practice.” – Ed Gandia, co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer

“Many freelancers struggle with marketing because it feels overwhelming; in the face of too many options, most of us end up doing nothing. Tess Whitty’s “cookbook” approach helps defeat analysis paralysis by breaking the seemingly insurmountable task of finding clients into steps that take as long as you have. If you have fifteen minutes, pick one marketing appetizer to get the ball rolling; if you can block out more time, pick a main dish and really dive in. Whatever you choose, you’ll reap the benefits of Tess’ international marketing background and the lessons she’s drawn from building her own freelance business from the ground up.” –Corinne McKay, author of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Thoughts on Translation

“In her book, Tess Whitty presents all the ingredients you need to market your translation business successfully. Whether you’re aiming at creating a refined Michelin-starred business, a bustling local brasserie or an internationally renowned group, this marketing cookbook will get you on the right track. I can certainly recommend this book to translators at any stages in their careers.” . Marta Stelmaszak, author of The Business Guide for Translators

“I highly recommend the Marketing Cookbook for Translators to newly established freelance translators or to established translators who wish to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and reorganise their business. Even long-standing colleagues are sure to find some new ideas and may want to dip into it as a reference work. After reading the Marketing Cookbook for Translators you will be motivated and perfectly equipped to stir up a storm in your translation kitchen.” – Nicole Y. Adams, co- author of The Bright Side of Translation.

“As a professional, proven marketeer and translator, Tess will show you how to get your translation business off the ground and keep flying. The Marketing Cookbook for Translators covers everything you need to implement a robust marketing strategy and to keep busy profitably, leaving the pointless ‘busy work’ behind. Tess is a great ambassador for the industry and the perfect marketing mentor throughout the book.” – Luke Spear, author of The Translation Sales Handbook

“Just like the title suggests, “The Marketing Cookbook for Translators” lays out the fundamentals of running a freelance translation business. No assumption, no fluff, just all the facts.  As a seasoned freelancer herself, Tess knows the translation business inside out, and her expertise shows throughout the book.  Marketing is not about doing tricks to attract clients. It is about applying all the business fundamentals to your practice. And this Marketing Cookbook  explains the ABCs in a simple yet elegant way. Your business will last for a long time only when you have a solid foundation.  This marketing cookbook is a great tool to help you build that foundation.   I strongly recommend this book to  anyone who wants to build a thriving freelance translation business for the years to come.” – Joy Mo, author of Say Goodbuy to Feast or Famine 

Tess wrote, in my opinion, the best or, to say the least, most comprehensive book on finance and marketing for
translators, in a unique style – that of a cookbook: The Marketing Cookbook for Translators. The book contains an unbelievable amount of data, hard to imagine unless you buy it, either hard-copy or in its ebook version from Amazon. But, and this is my very personal opinion, the main strength of this work by Tess is the priceless feeling of empowerment it provides. It does away with the long-lasting idea of limiting yourself to doing what you trained for and pushes you to a paradigm shift involving taking total control of your professional life. This is precisely what makes this book unique; it is not just a compilation of data, however useful, but a tool to change your mindset and worldview, which makes it something of a turning point in the market of this kind of books. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. – Jorge Reparaz

I love the concept of these marketing strategies being recipes, as it makes me feel that success is achievable if you follow the steps and use the correct ingredients. It’s great that it’s especially for translators, but I feel many of the techniques could be applied by freelancers in other industries. – Jo Rourke

I have just read this book and thanks to Tess Whitty, I have, at least, found THE book that understands my needs and me as a freelance translator. I have participated in various marketing trainings, but these have a certain cost… This book is a collection of all the things you need to know to market yourself efficiently as a freelancer. Not only its approach has a theoretical aspect – which is important to understand the big picture – but a very practical aspect too, which allowed me to practice on the fly while reading and taking notes! I definitely recommend this book, whether you are a newbie or an experienced freelance translator – there is always something you can improve. – Boisnault Romain

I am a freelance translator and this book really changed my mind about how I was handling all marketing or professional issues of my job.
Actually it is helping me clear my mind about what I have done so far and what I am going to do in the future. Also, I loved the author’s tone. Tess Whitty has a friendly while professional tone in her book and that will make you really enjoy both reading her book and following her easy-to-follow recipes. If I am asked to count this book’s advantages, I would say it is:
– Professional & helpful
– Succinct
– Have brilliant mottos
– Easy-to-follow and hard-to-forget recipes
– A must-read for freelancers (even outside the translation industry)
– A mind clearing business management guide (a clear past will lead to a more clear future)
– and “Different” because of Tess Whitty’s expressive tone as the author! – Adeleh Jahedi


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